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Fall/Winter Landscaping Tips

Is there a right and wrong way to rake leaves?

Yes, if you want to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your raking. There's more to rake off the lawn in fall than just leaves and pine needles: there's also thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead turfgrass tissue between the green vegetation and the soil surface that must be removed, or "dethatched," to maintain lawn health. Consequently, there is a right and wrong way to rake your lawn in the fall:

Right way: Raking deeply enough to remove thatch as well as fallen leaves. Wrong way: Simply skimming the fallen leaves off the surface, leaving thatch behind.

While serious thatch problems cannot be resolved merely by raking, it certainly doesn't hurt to try to stay ahead of thatch by raking deeply when you do rake.

How long into the fall season should I continue to mow the lawn?

Continue to mow the lawn until the grass stops growing. Proper lawn care dictates you set your mower height so as to maintain the height of the grass at 2"-3".

Should I protect my deciduous shrubs from the snow and ice of winter?

The snow and ice of winter is certainly not any good for any of your shrubs. Since deciduous shrubs for the most part offer little of visual interest on the winter landscape, they can be sheltered under a lean-to or similar structure.

Do I have to continue watering my lawn in late fall?

You would think that, with all the snow you'll be getting this winter (if you live in the North), you wouldn't have to continue watering lawns in late fall, right? But you'd be wrong.

You should continue watering your lawn in late fall, regardless of the snowfall that you anticipate. The cold temperatures of northern winters create desert conditions. That's right, desert. That word may conjure up images of cacti and hot sands, but it also applies to regions in which water is locked up in the form of ice. When the ground freezes, the roots of your lawn grass are deprived of water -- regardless of how much snow lies on top of it.

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